The beating heart of an audio system, a top performing amplifier is essential to the quality of your home audio experience. We carry a wide range of flexible amplifiers, receivers, pre and power combos.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio has been designing and building outstanding audio equipment for over 50 years. Discover the CX Series, the value conscious AX Series, the all-in-one Evo series and the Edge Reference Series.


For over 50 years, Marantz has been passionate about music. Discover the full range of receivers, pre and power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and other components.


Michi is a flagship series of products built on the history and heritage of Rotel. Michi represents over 55 years of experience offering excellent performance and value.


NAD has a distinct reputation for creating some of the best performing and affordable amplifiers of all time. NAD’s latest range of amplifiers include the world-class Master Series and their Hybrid Digital series which takes NAD’s commitment to lasting value and sonic excellence to a whole new level.


Parasound manufactures state-of-the-art audio equipment at reasonable price. Often compared side by side to preamps or amplifiers at three times the price of Parasound.


Rotel manufactures high end consumer electronics for stereo, home theater and whole house audio systems. Offering a wide range of high performance, high value audio components that will deliver all of the passion and detail that the artist intended.


Offering a range of high quality and affordable hi-fi components with a beautiful appearance. Explore the range of Yamaha receivers, integrated amplifiers and other components.